Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment Blue 15:0 Supplier & Mfg[table id=64 /]

Phthalocyanine Blue Pigment

Copper phthalocyanine pigment also called Phthalo Blue, used as main pigments in pigment blue section, phthalocyanine blue pigments has all-around properties.

C.I.Index Equivalent To CAS No Color Shade Inks Coating


PB 15 BASF K6850 147-14-8 Red
PB 15:1 BASF K6902/6907

Sudarshan 2764

147-14-8 Red
PB 15:2 BASF L6989F 147-14-8 Red
PB 15:3 BASF K7090

Sudarshan 2789

147-14-8 Green
PB 15:4 BASF K7104LW 147-14-8 Green
PB 60 Ciba A3R 81-77-6 Red
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