Pigment Yellow 109


Pigment Yellow 109 is pure green shade yellow, heat resistance up to 300 °C, excellent heat and light resistance, but fail to long-term exposure in hard PVC.

Except for general-purpose polyolefin coloring, Pigment Yellow 109 can also be used for coloring styrene engineering plastics. It is suitable for pre-spinning of polypropylene, spinning, and suitable for outdoor applications.

For high-grade industrial coatings, such as automotive coatings (OEM). It is especially suitable for color matching with inorganic pigments, to obtain very deep colors, original light (5%) lightfastness 6~7 grade, Tio2 light color fastness 7~8 grade.


Chemical parameter
The index number PY-109
CAS number 5045-40-9
CI structure number 56284
EC registration number 225-744-5
Chemical category Isoindolinone
Hue Greenish yellow
Molecular mass 655.96
Molecular formula C23H8Cl8N4O2
Pigment performance
Occlusion Transparent type
Particle shape acicular


pigment solvent dyes brochure baoxu chemical 2019

pigment solvent dyes brochure baoxu chemical 2019