Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Light Stabilizer, Pigments in Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet and upholstery is a large section of synthetic fibers which we could see in our daily life.

Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Pigment, Additive in Carpet Fiber | Baoxu Chemical

Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Light Stabilizer in Carpet & Upholstery

Sub-Market Application Antioxidant UV absorber,

light Stabilizer

Carpet and upholstery Polypropylene fiber FS 042 + 168 2020234
Polyamide fiber 1098168+1098 2020234, 4050
Polyester fiber 168+10101010 1600, 234, 1577

Pigment for Carpet & Upholstery

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