Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Optical Brightener and Pigments for PP Fiber

PP fiber is an abbreviation of polypropylene fiber. Polyester, acrylic and polyolefin fiber dominates the synthetic fiber market. By volume, they account for approximately 98% of synthetic fiber production, with polyester alone making up more than 70%.

Features: lightest fiber,  resistance to corrosion, Inorganic acid and alkali,  hard to color, poor light resistance, large static electricity, poor flame resistance.

Main Application: Carpet, automotive fiber, tag line, etc.


Antioxidant, UV absorber, Light stabilizer for PP fiber

Material Application Antioxidants UV Absorber/HALS Remark
PP fiber Carpet, automotive fiber, tagline, etc. FS 042+168 234


Pigment For PP Fiber

  1. As PP fiber is hard to color, spun-dyeing is used for PP fiber.
  2. Use pigment, not dyes.
  3. Pigment shall meet heat resistance 230-300℃ requirement.
  4. Only fine copper Phthalocyanine can be used in PP fiber.
  5. Pigment shall provide PP fiber with high light resistance and abrasion resistance.