UV Absorber and light stabilizers for coatings

pigment for coatings china baoxu chemical

Segments of China recent years coating products listed as follows;

water-based building coating 39%, solvent-based building coating 9%, industrial protective coating 10%, wood coating 9%, automotive coating 9%, powder coating 9%, marine coating 5%, coil coating 2%,  other coating 8%.

View and Download UV stabilizers for Coatings Introduction

Antioxidant 1010, 1076, 626, B215, B225, B900 is widely used in coatings.  Also we list the typical UV stabilizer (including UV absorber and light stabilizer) for coatings, click on product name to check details.

application / resin type / product name 1130 384-2 928 400 292 123
Car paint Acrylic/Acrylated  amine
Amino resins
Repair paint Polyurethane
Anti-corrosion paint Polyurethane
Alkyd resin
Wood paint NC resin
Polyurethane resin
Powder coating PES resin          
Water-based paint Acrylic emulsion  
Polyurethane emulsion  


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